Buying at Galerie Moderne > How it works

1. Come to the exhibition (see dates) or browse our catalogue on our website, which is updated every month. Each lot has a detailed description, an estimate and a photo taken by our experts. We sell items 11 months in the year and present a total volume of close to 1,000 lots per month, in all art categories (paintings, furniture, ornaments, carpets, etc.).

2. Come to the auction (see dates) or, if you are unable to, leave us a paper (available at the exhibition) or electronic (via MyGalerieModerne) bid order and we will attempt to purchase the lot for you at the best price. For lots estimated at over EUR 500.00 , you can also ask us to telephone you when your lot is put up for auction.

3. After the sale, you have three days to collect your lot and pay for it (you pay the auction amount + 24% fees + EUR 2.50 administrative fee per lot). We accept payment by bank card (Maestro and Visa) and cash payments up to a total of EUR 3,000.00. For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

For any other questions (transportation, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us.

Selling at Galerie Moderne > How it works

1. Contact us to arrange an appointment, or come sooner without an appointment to Galerie Moderne from Monday to Friday (except auction days: see our calendar) from 9 AM to 12 PM and from 1 PM to 5 PM for a full appraisal of your item by our experts. Another option is to send us a message (by post, email or via MyGalerieModerne) with good photos, as accurate a description as possible, and your full contact details.

2. After this first step, if we agree to put it up for auction, we will do the following:

- Cataloguing of the lot (your item) for an upcoming auction: you will receive a full record of the lot(s) and the date of auction. Galerie Moderne manages its auction inventory using high-performance software it has developed and which ensures minimal risk of error. For the entire auction process, you remain the owner of the lot.

- Advertising of your lot in the daily newspapers (Le soir, La Libre, Het Niewsblad, etc.), specialised press (Antique Trade Gazet, Gazette Drout, etc.), in our catalogue, to which numerous customers subscribe, and finally on our website, which is very effective, where each lot is presented in detail, including photo. The website is updated monthly for each auction and an alert system, thanks to our extensive database, informs a wide range of potential customers both in Belgium and abroad.

- Transport to the exhibition which precedes each auction: we guarantee that your items will be presented with care and in complete safety in pleasant surroundings.

- Auctioning: the type of auction used is an English auction, in the presence of a court bailiff. Each lot sold is reported on.

3. Payment is made 21 days after the auction sale. We can pay you at our offices (cash payments up to EUR 3,000.00) or by bank transfer, as you prefer. The amount transferred will be the auction amount minus 15% fees and 2,50 euros per lot. You will receive a detailed report of the auction. For more information, please read our terms and conditions.

For any other questions (putting up for auction again, transportation, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us.